Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Question on Fibre?

How much fibre should I include in my diet?
The American Dietetic Association recommends 20 to 35g
of fibre each day. Leading world health organisations also
suggest that anyone over the age of six should get between
20 and 35g of fibre every day. However, most of us are eating
nowhere near that amount.

Can fibre help me manage my weight?
In a nutshell, fibre slows down the digestion of food at the
upper end of the digestive tract and speeds them up at the
lower end, i.e. fibre makes the entrance of food more difficult
(as fibrous food requires more chewing) but it makes it easier
to pass stools. In between, fibre makes food more satisfying
because they are bulkier and remain in the stomach longer.
These characteristics of fibre can help you manage your

What happens if I over consume fibre?
A diet high in fibre (over 40g daily) is associated with the
decreased absorption of some important minerals such as
iron, zinc and calcium. This could lead to an increased risk of
deficiencies of these minerals for some individuals.